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Egg Donor Database

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Upon registering for access to our Donor database, you will notice that each profile will feature information about the Egg Donor appearance, education and interests. The search process typically begins by identifying basic traits, such as eye color, hair color and race. From those results you can use the sorting tools in our database to begin searching for more specific variables.

The Donor profiles include pictures, physical statistics and the mother/father’s ethnic origin, religion, GPA, occupation, exercise habits, medical information and a questionnaire completed by the Egg Donor.

If you do not see an Egg Donor in our database that has the criteria in which you are hoping for, please share this with our staff as perhaps a profile could have been overlooked. Our database is updated frequently with new profiles as well.

Helpful Terms Used in Egg Donation

In Cycle

Egg Donor is currently fulfilling an egg donation cycle with Recipients. It is quite common for Donors to commit to future donations while currently in cycle; she must have two menstrual cycles in between egg retrievals.

Proven Fertility

A woman has proven fertility when she has given birth to a healthy child using her own eggs/genetics.

Previous Donor

A woman who has completed a full egg donation cycle and fully understands what the process entails. We are happy to share these results with Recipients.