Egg Donor Program Services

Family Source is here to make it as easy as possible for you to reach your dream of becoming a parent.

Egg Donor Program Services

Family Source Consultants provides liaison services for Recipient Parents and Egg Donors.

In order to support your family building journey and to ensure gratification, we oversee each step of the delicate process in a supportive, compassionate and proficient manner.

  • Egg Donor recruitment, pre-screening, background check, selection, and matching process

  • Coordinate review of donor’s profile and available medical records by fertility center

  • Provide recommendations for a fertility center

  • Arrangement of mental health screening

  • Coordination medical screening/monitoring appointments

  • Coordination of legal services for all booth recipient and egg donor with collaborative third party reproduction attorneys

  • Referral of required escrow management services

  • Procure a short-term health insurance policy for egg donor

  • Facilitate communication between egg donor and recipient (regardless of level of arrangement, i.e., closed, open)

  • Provide full support to egg donor and recipient

  • Act as a future intermediary to exchange information between egg donor and recipient