Excellence in Surrogacy Support

From the moment you contact Family Source Consultants, your journey will be guided by empathetic women who are not only experts in third-party reproduction but have experienced the journey first-hand.

Our Surrogacy Intake Manager, Surrogacy Program Coordinators, and Surrogacy Support Coordinator each offer a unique and valuable source of insight and reassurance during your journey.

We understand and respect that each Surrogate has individual needs, and while some may enjoy regular ongoing contact with our Coordinators, others have little need or desire for this type of support.  We’ll be there as often (or as little) as you’re comfortable with.

For those who prefer the support of a group versus an individual relationship with our Coordinators, we offer a very active online surrogacy support group comprised of surrogates throughout the United States in all stages of their journey, as well as in-person group meetings for Surrogates.

The Surrogate Intake Process

When you first contact FSC, your intake process will be guided by a member of our Surrogate Intake Team who will help you to gather all of the necessary documents and records to complete your surrogate profile.

Completing Your Surrogate Profile

Once your Gestational Surrogate application has been reviewed to ensure that you meet the requirements to become a surrogate, your Intake Coordinator will make initial contact and schedule an interview to discuss all that the surrogacy process entails.

The initial intake process may take one to three months and includes:

  • Review of application
  • Review of compensation
  • Discussion of matching process
  • Completion of all documents
  • Background check completed on surrogate and spouse
  • Psychological testing /evaluation conducted in house by Licensed Mental Health team
  • Obtain all prenatal and delivery records
  • Obtain OB clearance forms
  • Obtain recent PAP results (not older than a year)
  • Obtain insurance cards and explanation of benefits booklet (EOB)


Making a Match

Making a great and well-connected match is of the highest priority at Family Source. Our CEO Staci Swiderski understands the fragility of the matching process personally; it is an extremely emotional and intimate experience, and making the proper match takes skill and intuition.

Staci is a mother through Surrogacy and can appreciate the gamut of emotions that the matching process can evoke.  Having made over a thousand successful matches is a testimony to her expertise.

Staci carries the knowledge and personal experience related to third-party reproduction and family building that helps FSC to build families through a compassionate, empathetic, individualized, and heart-based approach.

Your Surrogacy Journey Begins

Once you’ve matched, our Surrogacy Support Manager, Denise Conner, will be in contact with you and your Case Manager regularly to ensure that any concerns you may have are addressed.

Denise struggled for years to get pregnant, suffering multiple miscarriages before finally determining that she needed the help of an egg donor to conceive.  At the time, she had no idea of the impact that decision would have on her life!

The birth of her twin girls helped her realize how lucky she was to have the ability to carry her own children, even if she needed help conceiving them. Becoming a mother gave her the desire to help another woman become a mother, so Denise began another journey – this time as a Surrogate!  In 2013, Denise gave birth to a beautiful little girl who is the center of her parents’ entire world.

As our Surrogacy Support Manager, Denise is able to share her own personal experiences of infertility and surrogacy with others currently going through the same.  She provides emotional support to all surrogates throughout the entire journey, including the postpartum period. Denise also coordinates several Surrogacy Support Group meetings each month for surrogates in the Chicago area.

Denise says, “I’ve met SO many wonderful people because of that decision that I would have never known had infertility never happened to me.  What started as a difficult journey continues as the greatest blessing in my life.”

IVF, Pregnancy & Birth

As your journey is in full swing, you’ll be in the veteran hands of one of our Case Managers, like Ronda Blair.  An experienced surrogate, Ronda is able to offer in-depth knowledge of what the IVF process entails, as well as helpful tips to make the process go smoothly.

Ronda Blair, Director of Case Management

family source consultants offers experienced surrogacy support from intake to birth… and beyond!Ronda was originally drawn to adoption or fostering, but when she learned about Surrogacy, she realized it was the perfect way for her to help others.  She first came to FSC in 2013 and was matched with a same sex couple from France. After delivering their twins, Ronda continues to have a wonderful relationship with her Intended Parents.

She had such a fantastic first experience that she decided to become a Surrogate again in 2015. This time, she was matched with a same-sex couple from Spain.  Unfortunately, her first transfer was unsuccessful, but the second transfer resulted in the birth of a healthy baby girl! During her pregnancy, she and her Intended Parents agreed that they’d like to work together again for a sibling, so they embarked on Ronda’s third Surrogacy journey!

Ronda knew that she wanted to continue being involved in Surrogacy even after her days as an active surrogate were over, so a career with FSC was the perfect match. Being a Surrogate herself helps her to better understand the needs and answer the questions of the Surrogates that she guides. It also gives her a unique ability to relieve any fears Intended Parents may have by talking with them about her personal experiences as a Surrogate.

Ronda says “I have a passion for helping to create families. I hope to be able to be involved with creating many more families with Family Source!”

…and Beyond!

Once you’re a member of the FSC Family, you’re always a member of the FSC Family.  Should any concerns arise after your journey ends, we’re here to help. Our Coordinators can easily be reached by phone, email, or text message.  We also welcome you to continue attending our monthly in-person support dinners, as well as participating in our online support group. After all, the best support is provided by people who’ve experienced the journey themselves!

Thanks to the giving spirit of women such as yourself, there are many joyful parents around the world whose hearts and lives have been fulfilled by the children they so wanted.  TeamFSC looks forward to welcoming you into our Family and guiding you through this amazing and miraculous process!

Let’s Get Started!