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605, 2024

FSC Partners with Worth the Wait Charity to Support Young Adult Cancer Patients & Survivors Pursuing Parenthood

Family Source Consultants will be the “Trophy Sponsor” at Worth the Wait Charity’s “Jeep Off Cancer” event on September 29, 2024. FSC, a leading surrogacy and egg donation agency, will serve as a main sponsor for a fundraising event in support of Worth the Wait Charity. The non-profit organization is dedicated to assisting young adult cancer patients and survivors start their family, many of whom struggle with infertility following treatment.

2703, 2024

FSC Celebrates Michigan Legislature Passing Landmark Fertility Health Care Act to Legalize Surrogacy Arrangements

Family Source Consultants celebrates Michigan Legislature passing landmark Fertility Health Care Act (House Bill 5207) to legalize #surrogacy arrangements.

“The passage of the Fertility Health Care Act is long overdue, and Michigan will finally provide support and protection to individuals and families on their journey to parenthood,” said Staci Swiderski, CEO/Founder of FSC.

2003, 2024

WomLEAD Magazine Names Staci Swiderski One of the 10 Female Icons Who Transformed History

WomLEAD Magazine: Women’s History Month, Issue 78
In honor of Women’s History Month, the March 2024 issue of WomLEAD Magazine spotlights “Generations of Impact” – women leaders across industries and ages who are creating change. Read how icons like Staci Swiderski, CEO of Family Source Consultants, built pathways while lifting other women behind her. Learn about the she-roes in media, business, activism, STEM and more who carry the torch.

1803, 2024

“Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid” Collaborates with FSC to Provide Educational Information on Selecting the Right Surrogacy Provider

Family Source Consultants was recently featured on an episode of “Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid” providing educational guidance on the surrogacy process for potential intended parents. FSC was selected for being among the “innovators changing our world for the better.” A long-form video of the episode is available on YouTube while a shorter 30-second commercial is airing across multiple networks — including CNN, Fox News, CNBC, Fox Business, MSNBC, and HLN.

1701, 2024

FSC Announces New Exclusive Partnership with Israel-Based Manor Baby

Family Source Consultants Announces New Exclusive Partnership with Israel-Based Manor Baby. Under the arrangement, Family Source Consultants will work alongside a new fertility clinic partner, Los Angeles Reproductive Center, to provide exclusive surrogacy services for clients of Manor Baby, Israel’s leading surrogacy and egg donation company.

801, 2024

FSC is proud to celebrate 17 years of unwavering commitment, relentless passion, and shared successes.

Family Source Consultants (FSC) is proud to celebrate Seventeen (17) years of unwavering commitment, relentless passion, and shared successes. As a global surrogacy and egg donation agency, their journey has been one of compassion, support, and the beautiful bonds they’ve helped nurture. FSC first opened its doors on January 8, 2007, as an agency that facilitates surrogacy and egg donation arrangements.

2610, 2023

From the US with love: FSC joins exclusive UK directory for Intended Parents and Surrogates

Family Source Consultants is excited to announce a partnership with UKs My Surrogacy Journey and inclusion into their exclusive membership directory for Intended Parents. Joining the UK’s most exclusive membership directory for Intended Parents has brought Family Source Consultants even closer to the UK – and to hundreds of hopeful parents. My Surrogacy Journey is one of the only UK not-for-profit surrogacy organizations that assist Intended Parents through their journey to parenthood.

2610, 2023

Standing together for gay dads: FSC announces exciting new partnership with Gays With Kids

Partnering with the world’s largest resource for gay men is a match made in heaven for Family Source Consultants – and a sure win for queer dads. As one of America’s leading third-party reproduction agencies, Family Source Consultants has been helping gay men realize their dreams of fatherhood for over 16 years. Last month, the agency became an official sponsor and vetted a family-building partner for Gays With Kids.

2510, 2023

24 Experts Drop Wisdom on How to Have a Successful Surrogacy Journey

Are you feeling lost? Whether you are interested in creating your family via surrogacy or giving the gift of parenthood as a surrogate, starting a surrogacy journey can feel like starting a trip to a faraway place with no map or a compass and only a few clues on where to start searching. Surrogacy is truthfully an amazing journey of highs and lows for both prospective surrogates and intended parents.

2510, 2023

FSC celebrates a milestone Christmas with 16 years, 1,200 babies – and counting!

Family Source Consultants will celebrate Christmas this year alongside a very special milestone: 1,200 babies born via gestational surrogacy and egg donation. Since opening its doors in 2007, the Chicago-based gestational surrogacy agency has helped thousands of hopeful parents to start or build their families.  Its success rate for surrogacy now stands at an impressive 95%, meaning nearly all Family Source’s Intended Parents (IPs) bring home a baby through surrogacy.