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Make Your Dreams of
Parenthood a Reality

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Make Your Dreams of
Parenthood A Reality

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Welcome Intended Parents

Congratulations on taking one of the first steps in pursuing your dream of parenthood!

Surrogacy has made it possible for multitudes of deserving people worldwide to become parents. As former Intended Parents ourselves, we know how incredibly fortunate we are to live in an age where this option is possible! We have walked in your shoes and are uniquely qualified to share this journey with you.

International Surrogacy Program

For prospective parents in Europe, Asia, South America, and other locations outside of the United States. TeamFSC includes coordinators who speak fluently in Spanish, Chinese, French, German, and Japanese.

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Surrogacy for Gay Parents

Gestational Surrogacy is a popular option for gay Intended Parents who wish to be biologically related to their child/ren and is a beautiful way to build your family.

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Getting Started

As you start on this incredible journey, you are likely experiencing a gamut of emotions – fear and doubt – yet excitement and hope. You have many choices before you and many decisions to make. Family Source is here to simplify the third-party reproduction process for you and alleviate any stresses you may encounter. It is our mission to help make your journey a positive and fulfilling experience for everyone involved.

The Surrogacy Process

Learn more about the requirements to become a surrogate, as well as our surrogate screening and matching process.

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Surrogacy Costs

Learn more about the costs involved in becoming a parent through Surrogacy or Egg Donation.

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No-Cost Consultations

We invite you to learn more about the miraculous route to parenthood via Surrogacy or Egg Donation by requesting a no-cost in-person consultation at one of our offices in Illinois, Florida or California or from your own location by video conference.

For those who reside outside of the United States, our team includes International Coordinators who speak fluently in Spanish, Chinese, French, Japanese, and German. We would be pleased to assist with an interpreter in your native language, if necessary.

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Information for Intended Parents

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