Surrogacy Program Services

We know that the surrogacy process can be overwhelming, but the experts at FSC are here to guide you every step of the way.

Surrogacy Program Services

Family Source Consultants provides a non-biased liaison service for intended parents and surrogates. Our goal is to encourage communication throughout the process and ensure a positive and healthy relationship between all parties involved. When you partner with FSC, you are choosing to work with professionals who are experienced in assisting with all of the following:

  • Referral to reproductive endocrinologists/fertility centers

  • Surrogate pre-screening, selection, and matching – with most surrogate fees pre-negotiated during this phase

  • Completed criminal background check for surrogate (and partner if applicable)

  • Psychological evaluation for surrogate (and partner, if applicable)

  • Unlimited surrogacy matching

  • Independent review of surrogate’s health insurance policy to determine if it can be utilized for a surrogate pregnancy

  • Assistance with obtaining surrogacy friendly health insurance if surrogate’s existing plan cannot be utilized for a surrogate pregnancy

  • Coordination of required medical screening for surrogate (and partner if applicable)

  • Obtaining life insurance for surrogate (mandatory per contract)

  • Referral to escrow fund manager

  • Referral to experienced legal counsel who specialize in reproductive law for intended parents and surrogate

  • Facilitation of the legal process from contract drafting through completion of pre-birth & parentage orders

  • Intended parent support (individual and group) with mental health specialist

  • Ongoing surrogate support, including in-person monthly support groups, and private online support

  • Upon request and when possible: an FSC team member would be honored to attend your transfer, physician appointments, and/or the birth