The Surrogacy Process Step-by-Step

There are essentially six phases of the surrogacy journey that a super mom like you will go through — Intake, Matching, Medical Screening, Legal Process, Embryo Transfer, then of course, Pregnancy & Birth.

Surrogate Intake Process

Once your Gestational Surrogate application has been reviewed to ensure that you meet the requirements to become a surrogate, our Surrogacy Intake Coordinator will schedule an interview via video-conference, to discuss all that the surrogacy process entails and answer any questions you have!

During the intake process, our team will review your application with you and assist in completing the following steps:

  • Review of compensation
  • Discussion of matching process
  • Completion of required documents
  • Background check completed on surrogate and partner
  • Scheduling an in-person psychological testing/evaluation on surrogate and partner
  • Obtain all prenatal and delivery records
  • Obtain OB clearance forms
  • Obtain recent PAP results (must be current within 2-3 years)
  • Obtain insurance information, policy and explanation of benefits or coverage booklet (EOB or EOC)

Upon pre-acceptance into our program, our team will assist you in obtaining your previous medical and delivery records, OB clearance acceptance form and with the scheduling of the Psychological evaluation, etc. to complete your file.

Matching with Intended Parents

As a Surrogate with Family Source Consultants, the criteria and expectations that you are seeking within your Intended Parent match are important and we are prepared to share such profiles with you! It is beneficial to all parties that a mutual matching method is utilized, our team understands the delicacy of the matching process!

While our application to become a surrogate may take some time to complete, please understand that the information you provide is extremely important to ensure that you are matched with like-minded intended parents to ensure your journey is as positive as can be.

Some important decisions that you will want to consider at the start of the matching process are:

  • Would you like to match with a couple or individual who is in the United States or abroad?
  • Are you interested in working with a same-sex couple/individual?
  • What is your stance on termination?
  • Are you willing to transfer multiple embryos?

Once you have shared your anticipated criteria with our Intake Coordinator, they will begin sharing profiles of Intended Parents who meet your expectations.

We pride ourselves in making wonderful matches between Surrogates and Intended Parents as it is crucial for a smooth, enjoyable, and successful journey!

Family Source Consultants has awaiting Intended Parents from around the world, and we are confident that we will have the perfect match for you and your family! We will provide you with profiles of Intended Parents meeting your specific criteria for you to review. Upon acceptance into our program and receiving your OB clearance form along with your medical records, your profile will be shared with the Intended Parents that YOU are interested in. Upon mutual interest in one another, our Matching Specialists will schedule and facilitate a “match meeting” via video conference or in-person, depending on the party’s locations.

You are now a part of one of the largest and most incredible surrogate communities made up of strong moms just like you!

Officially Matched

Upon officially matching with your Intended Parents, you will be in the veteran hands of one of our FSC Case Coordinators who are able to offer in-depth knowledge of what the IVF and surrogacy process entails, as well as helpful tips to make the process proceed smoothly.

Your assigned “CC” will assist in scheduling you with your Intended Parents fertility center for the initial medical screening appointment to determine that you are a healthy surrogate candidate to move forward in the journey. Please plan for your spouse/partner to accompany you as they too, will be required to complete the necessary labs – it may be possible for your partner to complete the required labs at a local lab, either way, your Case Coordinator will have these details available for you in preparation for your initial medical screening appointment. If you should need to travel for your medical screening, your “CC” will assist with all travel accommodations.

Our mission is to make your surrogacy journey as smooth as possible!

In addition, our Surrogacy Support Manager, Denise Conner, is the best surrogate cheerleader and provides continued love and support for all of our super moms/surrogates! She will be in contact with you and your Case Coordinator regularly to ensure that any concerns you may have are addressed.

The Legal Process

Upon medical clearance (approximately 7-10 days from initial medical screening), your TeamFSC Case Coordinator will inform both your attorney and your Intended Parents’ attorney to begin the legal process in preparation of the finalization of the Direct Agreement. Please note that the Direct Agreement must be fully executed by all parties in order for you to begin the injectable medications to prepare for the embryo transfer.

Embryo Transfer & Continued Support

Everyone at TeamFSC will be cheering you and your Intended Parents on for a SUCCESSFUL embryo transfer!

TeamFSC has a variety of wonderful support gatherings in place throughout the US that offers monthly, in-person support meetings with groups of amazing surrogates such as yourself! These meetings are not mandatory, though we are confident that you will find them to be extremely resourceful, positive and enjoyable.

For those Surrogates who are not local to our in-person meetings, we also offer an exclusive private online support group that is only accessible to TeamFSC Surrogates.

Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

Once you’re a member of the FSC Family, you’re always a member of the FSC Family. Should any concerns arise at any time during your journey, or even after your journey ends, we are here to support and assist you. Our Case Coordinators and Surrogate Support Manager can easily be reached by phone, email, text message, Facebook messenger or through live chat on our website. We also welcome you to continue attending our monthly in-person support dinners, as well as participating in our online support group. After all, the best support is provided by people who’ve experienced the journey themselves!

Thanks to the giving spirit of women such as yourself, there are many joyful parents around the world whose hearts and lives have been fulfilled by the children they so wanted. TeamFSC looks forward to welcoming you into our Family and guiding you through this amazing and miraculous journey!

Ongoing Surrogacy Support

We understand and respect that each Surrogate has individual needs, and while some may enjoy regular ongoing contact with our Case Coordinators, others have little need or desire for this type of support. We’ll be there as often (or as little) as you’re comfortable with.

For those who prefer the support of a group versus an individual relationship with our team, we offer a very active online surrogacy support group comprised of surrogates in all stages of their journey.

Working with Family Source Consultants has been a great experience. I was a little nervous about finding a couple that would match me, however they found the right couple on the first try. They are so friendly and helpful in all ways. It seems no matter what hurdle has come to light they have been there to get me through. I’m only at the beginning of my journey, but I have no doubts that I have picked the perfect agency to guide me to the end of this incredible experience.
TeamFSC Surrogate Cortney • Indiana