International Surrogacy Program

Family Source Consultants enjoys assisting International Intended Parents in building their families via Surrogacy and/or Egg Donation. We understand that for Intended Parents who live outside of the United States there is an extra amount of trust and faith necessary in choosing an agency. We take great pride in providing the communication, guidance, and support that International Intended Parents need, in order for you to feel comfortable and informed through each step of your journey.

Our team includes International Coordinators who speak fluently in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French, and German. For other languages, we are able to assist with interpreters who will be available for telephone, video conference, and in-person meetings.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our program and encourage you to request an initial consultation at one of our offices, or via online video conference, at no cost to you.

International Services

International clients make up half of our intended and recipient parents and we pride ourselves on the level of compassionate service we provide them.

Examples of our elite customer service include:

  • Provide translations of standard surrogacy and egg donor contracts in Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, French, and German due to our multilingual staff.
    • For other languages, we are able to assist with interpreters who will be available for telephone, video conference, and in-person meetings.
  • Ensure high-quality interpreters are able to assist during telephone reviews of contracts and parental establishment documents when needed.
  • Assist with the process of obtaining apostilles of birth certificates and/or parentage orders, as necessary.
  • Work closely with attorneys retained by clients in their home countries and in the United Statues, when needed, to help ensure a seamless transition home.
  • Initial orientation to thoroughly review the process from start to finish. Common concerns will be addressed, as well as review of all the financial details and explanation of the next steps in signing up with our agency. This consultation will be conducted either via telephone or online video conference.
  • Will review completed paperwork for fertility clinic, and other important parties in the Surrogacy (and Egg Donation, if applicable) process.
  • Will assist with travel arrangements/lodging and coordination of initial meetings.
  • Interpreter will accompany Intended Parent(s) to appointment(s) with the fertility clinic and attorney in order to provide translation services and general support and assistance. Will also provide Interpretation services for agency facilitated meeting with Gestational Surrogate.
  • Will assist Intended Parent(s) with unexpected issues (both logistical and substantive).
  • Will assist Intended Parent(s), and provide Interpretation services, as needed throughout the contract phase with Gestational Surrogate.
  • We are happy to accompany Gestational Surrogate to the first ultrasound in which the heartbeat of the fetus is anticipated to be detected, and to the extent feasible (including any applicable clinic rules) will provide the Intended Parent(s) a real-time telephone or online video conference to such visit.
  • Will assist Intended Parent(s) with travel arrangements and lodging in preparation for birth of baby(ies).
  • Will provide guidance in obtaining a passport for the child and international certification of the child’s birth.