50 Celebrities Who Used a Surrogate or Egg Donor [2022]

Surrogacy and egg donation are more common than ever, with celebrities leading the way as some of the most vocal supporters of the surrogacy process. Afterall, celebrities are humans, too, and the same biological constraints that hold true for the rest of us apply to them. Just like everyone [...]

Selecting Your Egg Donor

Becoming a parent is one of life's most exciting journeys. And if you're becoming a parent via an egg donor, your journey is even more special. Selecting the person who will provide half your child's genes is a huge decision. For many recipient parents, it can feel like the most [...]

How Do I Tell My Employer I’m a Surrogate?

Becoming a surrogate is an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience. But it does come with some tricky parts - like figuring out how to juggle your pregnancy with your job. The big questions that prospective surrogates have are usually around maternity leave and if they qualify for benefits through their [...]

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