From One Mother to Another: An Interview With Hannah & Kelly

Hannah matched with Kelly and Pat in 2021 for their surrogacy journey through Family Source Consultants. Kelly and her husband are expecting their baby in August of 2022! In this interview, they shared how they felt when they first met, how their journey has gone so far, and [...]

How to Choose the Right Egg Donor Agency

If the thought of helping somebody start a family fills you with joy, egg donation could be for you! Donating your eggs is a beautiful gift! If you have a generous heart and a willingness to commit, you could help someone else start the family they’ve dreamed of.  And, as third-party [...]

How to Find a Surrogate (and Mistakes to Avoid)

Having a baby via surrogacy is an amazing experience. And it all starts with finding the right surrogate!  How to find a Surrogate Choosing your surrogate is a pretty big deal. There are so many things to consider: personality, genetics, experience, background… and ultimately, how well you work with one [...]

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