Surrogate Compensation

While there is a great deal of altruism involved in becoming a surrogate, there is also an expectation of payment in return for the sacrifices that you will make as a Surrogate. Rest assured that you will be fully paid for your time, effort, and commitment through all phases of your journey, earning $45,000 or more while making an intended parent’s dreams come true!

What Surrogates Are Paid

Questions regarding surrogate pay are among the most frequently asked. We pride ourselves in offering generous compensation packages with many additional benefits and expenses paid throughout the journey.

Our surrogacy intake team works with each applicant to ensure that she is receiving a compensation package that fits her individual qualifications and comfort level.

Throughout your entire journey, you’ll receive care packages, tokens of appreciation, and commemorative keepsakes as we celebrate each milestone with you!

What surrogates are paid before the pregnancy

At the beginning of your surrogacy journey, there will be several appointments to get you prepared for transfer. We’ll make sure that you are compensated for all of your time and effort, even before you’re pregnant.

Payments made before the embryo transfer include:

  • Paid travel expenses to IVF clinics, plus lost wages and childcare if needed
  • $500 at the start of injectable medications
  • $750 embryo transfer fee

What surrogates are paid during and after pregnancy

Once your pregnancy is confirmed, you’ll begin receiving your “base compensation” along with a number of other benefits.

As a Family Source Consultants Gestational Surrogate, you can expect to receive a base compensation between $37,000 – $45,000+. Your total compensation package is dependent on various factors including your state of residence, the number of babies you are carrying, if you have prior surrogacy experience, and other additional factors.

  • $40,000-$45,000+ base compensation. Your base compensation is paid in 10 equal payments beginning at the heartbeat confirmation of pregnancy.
  • $800 for maternity clothing
  • $80 per week for housekeeping (if medically necessary)
  • Surrogacy support groups and individual support throughout your journey and beyond
  • Independent legal counsel
  • $500,000 Life insurance policy
  • Medical and financial billing support

Additional payments you may receive as a surrogate mother

As a surrogate mother, you will be fully compensated for your time, effort, and commitment to your Intended Parents’ mission, and for any inconveniences that you or your family members may experience as a result of your pregnancy.

There are a number of factors that cannot be predicted in advance, such as a c-section or bed rest. The below fees are payable based on the individual circumstances of each pregnancy.

  • $8,000 for carrying multiples
  • $500 for an invasive procedure
  • $2,500 for a Caesarean section
  • $2,500-$5,000 reproductive organ loss
  • Lost wages for doctor-ordered bed rest

The Emotional Rewards… Priceless.

We fully understand that the financial benefits of helping a couple or individual build their family are often a primary factor for women when first contemplating becoming a surrogate. The compensation package is significant enough to be life-changing, but we promise you, the emotional rewards are more than you can even imagine! The gift you will give by carrying and delivering a child into their loving parents’ arms is too powerful an experience to capture with words.

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