Meet BreAnn!

“Every day was amazing to me knowing I was able to help a family make their dream of having a child of their own come true. “

Q: What led you to become a Surrogate?

Once my youngest child was born, I saw an ad to become a Surrogate. I spent the rest of the day researching how to become a Surrogate and what it was like. From then on, all I have ever wanted to do was to become a Surrogate and give someone else a child of their own.

Q. Who was/is your greatest support person/s throughout your journey?

My Husband and Mother were my absolute biggest supporters.

Q. What made you decide to choose your Intended Parents?

I just knew they were the parents I wanted to go through this journey with. It is an experience I will never forget!

Q. What are some of the highlights of your journey?

I think every day was a highlight. Every day was amazing to me knowing that a family was trusting me to take care of their child until they were born. Every day was amazing to me knowing I was able to help a family make their dream of having a child of their own come true.

Q. Do you have advice for women who are interested in becoming a gestational surrogate?

The whole experience is beyond amazing but be prepared for anything to happen.

Q. What did you find was the biggest misconception people had about surrogacy?

There were a lot of family members of mine that knew I got my tubes tied after I had my youngest child. They could not wrap their heads about the fact that I didn’t need my tubes for this.

Q. What did you do to prepare yourself for separating from the baby after it was born?

Given that this is my first journey, I did not know how to prepare myself for what was to come after birth. I thought I would be fine. I didn’t get overly attached with the baby like I did with my own kids and I always just imagined how the parents would react once the baby was here.

Towards the end, I started getting nervous about how I would feel, especially when I found out the parents were not going to make it here for the birth and the baby would have to go with a guardian they assigned. With the pandemic and the issues it caused, I think I did pretty well preparing myself for after the baby was born.

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Staci Swiderski, CEO and owner of Family Source Consultants has been involved in the field of reproductive medicine since 2002. Staci has vigorously grown the comprehensive egg donation and gestational surrogacy agency to become a worldwide leader in the third-party reproduction field. Staci is a former intended parent herself. She and her husband welcomed their son via gestational surrogacy in 2005. Additionally, Staci had the experience of assisting an infertile couple (AKA Recipient Parents) build their family through her efforts as an egg donor, with her donation resulting in the births of their son and daughter.