TeamFSC Ambassador Program

Love surrogacy? Want to make extra money by spreading the word about it?

Word of mouth referrals are one of the most vital components of our surrogacy program and we are always looking to expand our Ambassador Team!

The TeamFSC Ambassador program is a diverse group of women across the US actively working to share their surrogacy experience throughout social media.

If you’re active on social media and are interested in earning some extra funds, Family Source would love to partner with you to spread a positive message about surrogacy through the TeamFSC Ambassador Program.

Upon your selection as an FSC Ambassador, you become an integral part of TeamFSC!  We’re relying upon you to actively promote FSC and spread a positive message about surrogacy throughout social media.

Program Perks:

  • Each activity you complete will earn a certain number of points. At the end of each month, we’ll total up your points and send you a gift card in the amount of points you’ve earned. (100 points = $1.00)
    • Points will be tracked by public shares, specific hashtags, and tagging FSC.
  • A $50 bonus will be awarded each month to the ambassador with the highest number of points.
  • Plus — using your own unique link to use to track referrals, you can earn a $1,000 bonus for each surrogate who joins our program and is matched with Intended Parents!

By simply sharing our posts, your earnings can really add up!

Activity Points Cash Value
FB – Share an FSC social media post on your own page (must be public) 50 0.50
Comment on FSC social media post (excludes replying to stories) 100 1.00
Story @tag FSC 100 1.00
Participating in a group social media photo project (excludes bump day) 500 5.00
Written questionnaire for blog post 500 5.00
Reel/TikTok – Group video participation 500 500
Participating in a group social media video (TikTok / Reel) 500 5.00
Reel/TikTok – @tag FSC (surrogacy or egg donation related only) 1,000 10.00
Participating in a Q&A session 1,000 10.00
Personal video interview 1,500 15.00
Writing a guest blog post
(topic must be preapproved / min. 1,000 words)
2,500 25.00


TeamFSC Ambassador Application

Surrogacy experience(Required)

What's your favorite social media platform?(Required)

If so, please list them below.
How active are you on social media?(Required)

TeamFSC Ambassador Policies

Upon your selection as an FSC Ambassador, you become an integral part of TeamFSC! FSC is relying upon you, and you agree, to actively promote FSC and spread a positive message about surrogacy throughout social media. You agree, at all times during your participation in the Program and performance of Promotional Activities to comply with all Ambassador Terms provided to you here and in the future.

By applying to become a #TeamFSC ambassador, I understand and agree to the terms and conditions listed below:

  1. I am 18 years of age or older.
  2. I am not an employee, agent, franchisee, or partner of the company. I cannot act on behalf of the company. I do not have any authority to incur debt, obligation, or liability on behalf of the company.
  3. I will promote and market Family Source Consultants and the surrogacy process.
  4. I will not promote any other surrogacy agency, egg donor agency, or third-party reproductive service.
  5. I will share FSC's brand message on the social networks on which I participate
  6. If I receive branded merchandise, I will model/display it in social media posts
  7. I will receive gift cards or merchandise for my activity according to the points system
  8. If referrals are submitted without using my link or entering my name on the website, these referrals will not be credited to you
  9. I will promote FSC on social media accounts by posting appropriate photos or videos and discussing my own surrogacy journey, the surrogacy process, or experiences with FSC. I will contact the company if a clear understanding of what is “appropriate” is needed.
  10. I will post as often as I would like on my social media accounts and tag Family Source Consultants in each post that relates to surrogacy or egg donation. I understand that I have permission to repost an existing post by FSC.
  11. I will conduct myself in a manner that reflects the highest standard of integrity and responsibility in keeping with the reputation of the company. If I do not uphold these standards, I will be immediately removed from the Ambassador Program and forfeit any unused gift cards and all points, effective immediately.
  12. If I choose to leave the Ambassador program, I will be sent any unused points balance within 14 days of leaving the program. Any photos or videos sent to FSC will remain in their database to use on their social media platforms and marketing campaigns.
  13. If FSC terminates the Ambassador program, I will be sent my points credits within 14 days.
  14. I must be an active Ambassador to remain in the program.
    • To be considered active, you agree to:
      • Follow FSC on all social media accounts on platforms on which you actively participate
      • Participate in one online or in-person social media event at least every 3 months (min 4 per year)
      • Share at least one FSC post per week OR post at least one unique post per week
        • Instagram, Facebook or TikTok posts must tag FSC
  15. Status will be reviewed every 6 months
  16. We encourage you to share our link on your blog and on other social media; however, you may not use our link or our logo in any manner that could damage, disable, overburden, or impair our website or any other site, create spam or any other unwanted solicitation, or interfere with any other party’s use and enjoyment of our website, their own website or other location of our links.
  17. Ambassadors will not be treated as a company employee for any reason.
  18. Either party may terminate this agreement immediately for cause or without reason upon written notice.
  19. FSC reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time
  20. This agreement is subject to acceptance by FSC and is conditioned by the acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  21. FSC may discontinue the Brand Ambassador Program at any time.
  22. I agree to the company’s privacy policy and I have read and agree to these terms.