Surrogacy Program Fees

The average cost of a surrogacy process ranges from $91,000 – $117,000 (excluding fertility center costs).

FSC streamlines the matching process for all parties involved! Before sharing a surrogate profile with our Intended Parents, we have already verified that the surrogate is interested in moving forward with you to the next step – the match meeting!

Our diligent surrogate screening process and handpicked surrogate profiles ensure that all parties’ requirements are aligned, eliminating any wasted time and moving your journey forward efficiently.

FSC provides unlimited matching, if medically necessary. Included in a rematch are the same services to initiate the matching process, such as criminal background screening, psychological evaluation, and insurance review by third-party insurance experts.

FSC’s agency fee includes:

  • The management of the entire journey, from the very beginning to post-birth
  • Ongoing journey support for all parties
  • Recruitment of gestational surrogates
  • Preliminary screening of each gestational surrogate; including psychological evaluation (and their partners, if applicable), criminal background screening
  • Professional health insurance review
  • Referral to third-party reproductive attorneys who specialize in surrogacy arrangements
  • Referral to fertility center experts, including mental health providers
  • Rematch with a new potential gestational surrogate at no additional agency fee, if medically necessary

Managing a surrogacy arrangement comes with many ongoing components that can be overwhelming; therefore, countless intended parents and gestational surrogates turn to Family Source Consultants for our expertise, support, and guidance. We thoroughly dedicate ourselves to the surrogacy matching process, with a match typically taking place in 10 weeks or less!

Please consult with your fertility center to discuss what services are included in their IVF package, such as screenings, medications, etc. This cost will be separate from any fees paid to Family Source Consultants.

All fees are subject to change without notice. While we make every effort to provide you the most accurate, up-to-date fee information, some fees and expenses may vary.

Surrogacy with Egg Donation

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Financial Assistance

Prosper Healthcare Lending is the premier financing company in the fertility and surrogacy industries

With more than 250,000 people empowered by over $3 billion in funded loans, this is a name and financing program you can trust.

Some of the benefits of using Prosper Healthcare Lending for financing your fertility or surrogacy include:

  • Financing ANY fertility or surrogacy-related expenses, including medication and travel
  • Loan amounts go up to $100,000 and terms out to 84 months
  • Instant decision without affecting your credit on loans under $35,000*
  • Convenient- you can apply through your provider’s website in less than 2 minutes

Apply through the provider link above, or find us at

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*Only for loan inquiries submitted through the Standard Credit Program.

Payment Options

We accept all major credit cards, as well as payment via PayPal.