Egg Donor Program Estimated Costs

Family Source utilizes an experienced, comprehensive, and attentive method during the egg donor selection process through egg retrieval and beyond. Donor compensation ranges from $8,000 to $10,000 and is dependent on the egg donor’s prior experience. Incidental expenses are to be placed in the escrow management account at the time of donor reservation and being fully funded with the egg donor compensation within five (5) business days of donors’ medical clearance.

Family Source Consultants Professional Fee

  • First payment (due upon reservation of donor)
  • Second payment (due upon donor medical clearance)

$4,500 *

Donor Compensation (will vary based on prior experience)

  • Donation 1: $8,000
  • Donation 2: $9,000
  • Donation 3-6: $10,000
$8,000 – $10,000 **
Donor Mental Health Evaluation $500
Attorney: Egg Donor, review of legal contract $500
Attorney: Intended Parent, preparation of legal contract $800
Escrow Management Service $350
Donor Insurance $350 ***
Travel and Incidentals (will vary based on location)

Possible fees associated with travel include mileage, parking, airfare, hotel accommodations, meal allowance, travel companion for egg retrieval, etc.

$500 – $5,000+

* If the donor does not receive medical clearance from the intended parent(s) fertility center, the agency fee paid will be applied towards the selection of a new donor. If Intended Parent(s) does not proceed with a new egg donor via FSC, a portion of the initial agency fee will be refunded.

Intended Parent(s) can hold an egg donor for up to three business days. If payment is not received within three business days, the donor will then become available for matching.

** The Egg Donor’s compensation, as well as incidentals, i.e., Donor mental health evaluation, Attorney, Donor insurance, travel expenses, etc. are held in escrow. The egg donor compensation combined with incidental funds are due within five (5) business day upon receipt of egg donor medical clearance from the recipient parents’ fertility center.

*** The Egg Donor’s health/life insurance policy through Art Risk Financial & Insurance Solutions which includes a $250,000 accidental medical expenses benefit, a $100,000 accidental death benefit, and additional benefits for travel accidents, paralysis, and disability.

Please note the above fees are estimates and vary with every egg donor. Agency Fees are subject to change without prior notice.

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