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Los Angeles, CA – Gestational Surrogacy Program

Over the past decade, Family Source Consultants has matched and facilitated hundreds of arrangements for Egg Donors, Surrogates, and Intended Parents throughout the entire United States, as well as Internationally.

For the convenience of Intended Parents, Surrogates, and Egg Donors, Family Source Consultants offers several locations throughout the United States.

Our California Gestational Surrogacy & Egg Donation agency office is located at 1230 Rosecrans Avenue, Suite 300, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. This location is easily accessible from the San Diego Freeway (405) and Century Freeway (105).  The Los Angeles airport is only 4 miles of driving distance (about 10 minutes). Our office is within walking distance of hotels, shopping centers, fitness centers, a movie theater, and fine restaurants.

Our Los Angeles location allows us to easily accommodate prospective parents, Surrogates, and Egg Donors on the west coast, as well as simplify travel for intended parents from Asia.

Becoming a Parent Through Surrogacy in California & Asia

With the passage of California Assembly Bill 1217 in 2013, California is often considered one of the most surrogacy friendly states in the country. California allows intended parents to establish legal parentage through a pre-birth order, eliminating the need for post-birth adoption proceedings. These laws are applicable to all parents, whether they are married or unmarried, and regardless of sexual orientation.

Our team of surrogacy and egg donation experts works closely with each client to ensure that all arrangements are customized to meet the specific needs of each prospective parent, Surrogate and Egg Donor.

To receive an information packet, or to schedule a no-cost in-person or video conference consultation, please call us at (800) FSC-0529 or submit a request online.

Becoming a Gestational Surrogate in California

California has long been regarded as one of the most surrogacy friendly states, with highly progressive laws that benefit both gestational carriers and intended parents. Contracts for gestational surrogacy in the State of California are wholly permitted and are enforceable under the state’s laws.

In addition to favorable surrogacy laws, the cities of San Diego, Los Angeles, and Bakersfield are home to many world-class fertility clinics who are experienced with the gestational surrogacy process.

Family Source Consultants surrogacy program includes access to our friendly online surrogacy support group, where you can become a part of a network of incredible women and form friendships that last a lifetime.

The first step in becoming a part of Family Source Consultants’ mission of “Bringing Miracles & Dreams Together,” is to submit an online application. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about becoming a gestational carrier in California and along the west coast of the United States.

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