Gestational Surrogacy in Nevada

The state of Nevada offers clear laws regarding Gestational Surrogacy contracts. Nevada’s gestational surrogacy law (AB 421) lays to rest many uncertainties that intended parents may face by allowing pre-birth or post-birth orders for all parents via surrogacy, regardless of marital status or sexual orientation, and with or without donor involvement. The law also requires legal representation for all parties involved in the gestational carrier agreement.

If you are interested in becoming a parent or are seeking a Surrogate Mother in Las Vegas, Reno, Henderson, Carson City, or other locations in Nevada, Family Source Consultants would be happy to provide you with an information packet, or schedule a no-cost in-person or video conference consultation to discuss the Surrogacy process.

Becoming a Surrogate in Nevada

Gestational Surrogates provide an incredible gift for individuals and couples who are unable to carry a pregnancy of their own. To become a TeamFSC Surrogate, you must meet some standard requirements, submit an application, and undergo a screening process. Whether you live in Las Vegas, Reno, Henderson, Carson City, or any other city in Nevada, we are happy to assist you in your journey!

In addition to a base compensation of $53,000+, Gestational Surrogates also receive:

  • Monthly Incidental: $200 per month
  • Embryo Transfer: $750
  • Maternity Clothing: $800
  • Multiples: $8,000
  • Cesarean Section: $2,500

Please keep in mind that these amounts are only a guideline. Surrogate compensation depends on many different factors and is unique to each Surrogacy journey.

Intended Parents in Nevada

Family Source Consultants is committed to providing superior service to intended parents in Nevada and throughout the United States.  To that end, we have aligned with the highest levels of Reproductive Endocrinologists, Reproductive Attorneys and Psychologists in Las Vegas and other cities throughout the state of Nevada.

Surrogacy has made it possible for thousands of people around the world to enjoy the gift of parenthood. As former Intended Parents ourselves, we are uniquely qualified to share this journey with you. Family Source streamlines the third-party reproduction process and is happy to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Your Surrogacy Journey Begins Here

If you are an Intended Parent seeking a Gestational Surrogate or Egg Donor, or a woman interested in helping an individual or couple as a Gestational Surrogate, start your journey with TeamFSC.  Submit your request online and receive a response within 24 hours.