Congratulations to FSC Parents K&J on the birth of their little miracle! Baby Girl E. was lovingly carried by TeamFSC Surrogate Maralind and arrived on January 26, 2018 weighing in at 8 pounds, 4 ounces and 22″ long.

We’re delighted to announce that Recipients C&J welcomed their little miracle, Baby Girl A., on January 30, 2018. Thank you to Egg Donor K for helping C&J to fulfill their dreams!

Congratulations To

Jan 3 – Baby Boy R. / Parents J&B / Surrogate Jennifer
Jan 5 – Baby Girl M. / Parents M&J / Surrogate Heather
Jan 8 – Twin Boys A&D / Parents A&D / Surrogate Nicole
Jan 9 – Baby Boy B. / Parent S. / Surrogate Elizabeth
Jan 13 – Baby Boy M. / Parents K&N / Surrogate Jennifer
Jan 22 – Baby Boy L. / Parents M&L / Surrogate Holly
Jan 26 – Baby Girl E. / Parents K&J / Surrogate Maralind
Feb 6 – Baby Boy S. / Parents I&W / Surrogate Allison
Feb 12 – Baby Boy L. / Parent X. / Surrogate April
Feb 16 – Boy/Girl TWINS / Parents B&Y / Surrogate Andria

Family Updates

congratulations to our fsc families!

Surrogate Brooke and FSC Parents P&E had their first visit since Baby D. was born in November. They had a wonderful time catching up after the busy holiday season.

congratulations to our fsc families!

It’s hard to believe that twins J&A are already 8 months old! These two cuties were lovingly carried by Surrogate Tenia and delivered into the arms of their parents JM&J on June 13, 2017.

congratulations to our fsc families!

Happy Birthday to Baby Girl D. who just turned ONE! Baby D. was carried by Surrogate Chrystle and was delivered into Parents V&B’s loving arms on January 24, 2017.

congratulations to our fsc families!

Baby E’s level of cuteness is OFF THE CHARTS! This little miracle was lovingly carried by Surrogate Nikki, and arrived on December 7, 2017. Thank you to FSC Parents H&P for sharing these absolutely ADORABLE photos!

congratulations to our fsc families!

It’s incredible to watch our little miracles grow! Thank you to FSC Parents F&D who shared this adorable photos of their Twins R&, who recently turned TWO!

congratulations to our fsc families!

New Dad “S” is still short on sleep, but is enjoying every moment with Baby Boy B, who was lovingly carried by Surrogate Jennifer and delivered into his waiting arms on January 9th.

congratulations to our fsc families!

Baby Girl C. was made in Illinois with love, patience, and a little bit of science! Carried by Surrogate Jessica and born on December 29, 2017, C. is enjoying life in Spain with her dads T&F and her brother N.

congratulations to our fsc families!

Parents B&M say that Baby Boy M. loves to eat bread with his grandma, already sleeps alone in his crib, and has started going to daycare. Carried by Surrogate Kaitlyn, M. recently turned 7 months old!

congratulations to our fsc families!

It goes by so fast! Carried by Surrogate Eileen, Baby Girl A and Parents A&A just celebrated birthday #2!

congratulations to our fsc families!

Intended Parents C&G recently celebrated G’s first birthday since becoming a father to Twins C&J. They had a wonderful day celebrating as a FAMILY! Twins C&J were carried by Surrogate Annie and were welcomed into the world on November 24, 2017.

congratulations to our fsc families!

Parents J&B are happy to report that Baby Boy R. is sleeping much better since now that they’re at home in Taiwan. His family recently celebrated the Chinese New Year and we look forward to receiving photos of the festival!

congratulations to our fsc families!

Beautiful blue-eyed Baby Boy J just turned 9 months old. Surrogate Susan is excite to visit him and Dads P&E this summer in Spain!

congratulations to our fsc families!

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To request an information packet, simply submit an Intended/Recipient Parent Contact Form through our website, or call us at (800) FSC-0529.

Consultations are of no cost to you and may be held at one of our office locations, or online via Skype. Family Source Consultants’ home office is based in Chicago, IL with additional offices in Dallas, TX, and Miami, FL.

Surrogacy Headlines

North Dakota woman gives birth to another couple’s baby 

Shannon Mouser and Seth Paskin, of Austin, Texas, have desperately been trying to have a child of their own.

Ballein gave birth to the couple’s baby girl this week at CHI St. Alexius Health – Williston Medical Center, a rare event at the facility.

[Read more…]

congratulations to our fsc families!

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