Meet M!

“I have absolutely no regrets and I didn’t feel anything different at the end, apart from the happiness that came with being able to give another couple something great.”

Q. What led you to become an Egg Donor?

I had previously thought about becoming an egg donor in college, but it was just a passing idea that I would come back to now and then. It wasn’t until a year or so after college when the idea entered back in my mind. Family friends had recently decided they wanted to have a child of their own and went the route of a sperm donor. When that child was born, I could see how extremely joyful they were about having this new part of the family be a part of their lives. The baby was incredibly adorable and they made the perfect family. I realized at that point, I wanted to be able to give that to other people who otherwise are not able to get a family so easily. I want to be able to provide them the opportunity like many people have, to add to and grow their family so they can be as happy as the couple I saw.

Q. Who offered the most support throughout your journey?

Throughout my journey, I had a lot of support. This wasn’t something I kept a secret from my closest friends/family. Along the way, my primary support was from my mom, significant other, and my closest friends.

Q. What made you decide to be closed/semi-open/open with your intended parents?

I wanted it to be a closed donation just because even though I may be okay with a semi-open now, I don’t know how I’ll feel in the future. I am okay with having contact with the Intended Parents for health reasons, but when I decide to donate, there is nothing in my mind that will tie me to the donated child. The Intended Parents are raising him/her and it is completely their child. In that case, I don’t think it is necessary for contact other than a secure email for health purposes.

Q. Do you have any advice for women who are interested in becoming an Egg Donor?

I heard from many people when I was considering undergoing this process about how I would feel after giving away my genetics. My advice: think of yourself apart from everyone else. Do you consider giving away your genetics to be your child? If so, you’ll really need to consider if you’re okay with donating eggs. I think the most success comes from when you are totally okay with donating and you’re not tying it to something that belongs to you. I had absolutely no regrets and I didn’t feel anything different at the end, apart from the happiness that came with being able to give another couple something great.

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Staci Swiderski, CEO and owner of Family Source Consultants has been involved in the field of reproductive medicine since 2002. Staci has vigorously grown the comprehensive egg donation and gestational surrogacy agency to become a worldwide leader in the third-party reproduction field. Staci is a former intended parent herself. She and her husband welcomed their son via gestational surrogacy in 2005. Additionally, Staci had the experience of assisting an infertile couple (AKA Recipient Parents) build their family through her efforts as an egg donor, with her donation resulting in the births of their son and daughter.