“Where do babies come from?” Many parents live in dread of hearing these words from their children. Answering that question can be even more complicated if you have a child born via third-party reproduction, or if you’re a gestational surrogate whose own children have questions about surrogacy. What—and how much—should you tell them?

The six children’s books listed below offer a gentle, thoughtful introduction to third party reproduction. They explain how surrogacy works in an age-appropriate manner and reassure their young readers that they are loved and special. Whether you’re a gestational surrogate or an intended parent(s), these books can help spark a conversation about surrogacy between you and your child/ren.

Children’s Books About Surrogacy

6 children’s books about surrogacy

Happy Together, a two-dad egg donation and surrogacy story by Julie Marie and Ashley Lucas

The “Happy Together” series uses rhyming prose and colorful illustrations to teach children about different aspects of and reasons for surrogacy. In this entry, two bears fall in love and turn to surrogacy to add a child to their family. This series also has books about egg and sperm donation, invitro fertilization, and more.

6 children’s books about surrogacy

Wanted by Carolina Robbiano and Francesca Massai

Wanted follows a family of hippos who decide to pursue surrogacy to expand their family. Along the way, they learn about the many different ways of building a family, and that all families are unique and special, no matter how they are formed. Wanted is written in both English and Spanish.

6 children’s books about surrogacy

Umi & Uma: The Story of Two Mommies and a Baby by Nyesha and Samantha Davis-Williams

Written by the mothers of the child featured in the book, Umi & Uma is a brightly illustrated, semiautobiographical tale. Using the narrative framework of a little girl asking her grandmother for a bedtime story, it follows Umi and Uma as they fall in love and decide to bring a baby into their lives. 

6 children’s books about surrogacy

A Very Special Lady by Neil Carswell and Sarah Merrigan

There are two versions of this book: one about a boy and one about a girl. Each tells the story of how the child’s parents struggled to have children until receiving help from “a very special lady”: the egg donor who made their dreams of parenthood come true.

6 children’s books about surrogacy

My Mom is a Surrogate by Abigail Glass and Riley Robertson

Created specifically for the children of Gestational Surrogates, this book tells the story of two siblings whose mother decides to carry a baby for someone else. Glass not only explains surrogacy in a child-friendly way, she reminds the children of surrogates that they play an important role in the surrogacy process!

6 children’s books about surrogacy

Why Do I Have Two Mommies?: A Journey of Self-Discovery by Janai Akerele

As with A Very Special Lady, this book has a “girl” version and a “boy” version. Each child embarks on a quest to learn why they have two moms instead of a mom and a dad. They quiz all of their family members until they discover the answer. This book has more text than some of the other books on this list, making it appropriate for slightly older children or for family reading

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