Meet Surrogate Courtney – a two time FSC surrogate!

surrogate spotlight: courtney

Q: What led you to become a Surrogate?

A: I struggled to conceive my 2nd child. I was told I had low egg count and quality at age 24. Knowing first hand what it feels like to want a family – and knowing that I had the ability to help someone achieve that dream made this an easy decision! My husband and I knew even before my 1st journey that we wanted a 3rd child, but because of my egg quality, after several rounds of IVF, all we had to show for it was heartbreaking loss. We went on to adopt two little girls and I went on to carry my 2nd journey, partly because I’m crazy, but mostly because I could and knew that I was giving the most precious gift!

 Q: Who was your largest support person/s throughout your journey?

A: My husband! He learned to give me my shots and attended all the appointments he was able to make. He never complained about caring for our kids solo when I was ridiculously sick with morning sickness, and he attended both surrogate births and helped me to keep myself together when I really just wanted to break down!

 Q: What made you decide to choose your Intended Parents?

A: My 1st set of intended parents were two men, and they were local – both matching criteria I asked for! I was told that same sex couples have a harder time matching. My 2nd set of intended parents were again local, without any children. Both times, I wanted the possibility to build a relationship with the couples.

 Q: What are some of the highlights of your journey?

A: For my 1st journey I ended up so close to my intended parents, that I am blessed to be the godmother of the little girl I carried!  My 2nd journey was so rewarding too, as I got to witness a woman become a first time mother, after knowing 9 long years of loss and heartache leading up to that day.

Q: How is being a Surrogate different than your own pregnancy(ies)?

A: Having to report back to my intended parents, or have them attend appointments with me was very “different”. Also, having to explain the situation to the 9,275 (approximately!) medical professionals involved was quite different from carrying my own “normal” pregnancy!

Q: Do you have advice for women who are interested in becoming a gestational surrogate?

A: It is something that would be impossible to regret, regardless of how your relationship or journey plays out!

surrogate spotlight: courtney surrogate spotlight: courtney surrogate spotlight: courtney


Staci Swiderski, CEO and owner of Family Source Consultants has been involved in the field of reproductive medicine since 2002. Staci has vigorously grown the comprehensive egg donation and gestational surrogacy agency to become a worldwide leader in the third-party reproduction field. Staci is a former intended parent herself. She and her husband welcomed their son via gestational surrogacy in 2005. Additionally, Staci had the experience of assisting an infertile couple (AKA Recipient Parents) build their family through her efforts as an egg donor, with her donation resulting in the births of their son and daughter.