Meet Sara!

Q: What led you to become a Surrogate?

I’ve always been interested in surrogacy but never really looked in to it until a friend of mine went through her first journey. This allowed me to really see the whole process as I was able to follow her journey closely and ask questions along the way.

Q. Who was the most significant support person throughout your journey?

My husband. I definitely could not have done it without him.

Q. What made you decide to choose your Intended Parents?

After reading through several profiles their profile just spoke to me. Their infertility journey was heartbreaking and I just knew it was them that I wanted to help.

Q. What are some of the highlights of your journey?

The biggest highlight of my journey was seeing the intended parents hold their baby for the first time. The numerous milestones throughout including hearing the heartbeat at each and every visit were also highlights.

Q. Do you have advice for women who are interested in becoming a gestational surrogate?

Don’t rush the process at all. Do your research ahead of time and ask questions so that you are making an informed decision.

Q. How do you feel about your experience working with Family Source Consultants?

Overall, I would say I had a positive experience. I can’t compare it to any other journey as this was the first journey I have done but I can’t imagine going through the process without the help provided by all the staff at FSC.

Q. What was the funniest/strangest/most common question you were asked as a surrogate? How did you answer?

Question: So, your just going to give the baby away after delivery? Answer: Yes, because the baby is not mine.

Q. How has becoming a surrogate impacted your life?

That feeling of being able to help complete someone else’s family is indescribable. I’m ready to enjoy time with my family currently but am not ruling out another journey in the future.

Q. Was this pregnancy different than your other pregnancies? If so, how?

Yes. This pregnancy was different because I had round ligament pains very early on and didn’t experience that with my own. I was also super nauseated while on the medications and during the whole first trimester which I also didn’t experience with my own.

Q. How did you prepare yourself for separating from the baby after birth?

Before I even started the journey I had numerous talks with my husband regarding this. We always talked about “the baby” and never “our baby”. When talking to our children we also made sure to never say brother/sister to help them understand the whole process as well. I basically just kept the intended parents in mind the entire time and looked forward to handing over their baby to them at the end of the journey.

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Staci Swiderski, CEO and owner of Family Source Consultants has been involved in the field of reproductive medicine since 2002. Staci has vigorously grown the comprehensive egg donation and gestational surrogacy agency to become a worldwide leader in the third-party reproduction field. Staci is a former intended parent herself. She and her husband welcomed their son via gestational surrogacy in 2005. Additionally, Staci had the experience of assisting an infertile couple (AKA Recipient Parents) build their family through her efforts as an egg donor, with her donation resulting in the births of their son and daughter.