Between my transfer and my beta, I decided not to do any home pregnancy tests. For me, they make me nervous. I would hate for the results to be negative.  I would then stress about telling my IP’s or giving them hope for a few more days. Even though I didn’t test, I did have some pregnancy symptoms. One symptom was a tad bit of nausea.  Because it was so minimal, I didn’t believe that that could be a pregnancy symptom yet. The other symptom was that I was having very vivid dreams. The only time I have vivid dreams is when I’m pregnant. I keep my IP’s very informed and I updated them on my “symptoms”. We message at least every other day.

The day of my beta arrived. I woke up with a little pink tinge when I went to the bathroom. So I was very nervous. I know this can be completely normal, but it does change the way it makes you feel. I want so badly for this little embryo to stick around and grow into a healthy baby.

I had my appointment at the clinic at 9:30am. They drew my blood and I am out of there in 5 minutes. Then the waiting begins again….

About 4 PM they call me and inform me that my beta is positive! My HCG level is 165. Any positive means that the pregnancy hormone (HCG) is in my system. They prefer that it be over 25, so 165 is perfect!  They also tested my progesterone level, which was nice and high as well. The next step is a repeat Beta on Thursday.

My IP’s were so excited when I told them the news! We are all very happy with the pregnancy hormone is there. That means that this little embryo is holding on and growing.

I had no more bleeding that day. Then the next morning when I woke up, I passed a big clot. After passing the clot, there was no more bleeding. Again, this can be very normal, but it’s still scary. The rest of the day, there was no bleeding. I thought that the bleeding was finally over with, but on Wednesday morning, I woke up to a little bit of bleeding again, then no more for the rest of the day.  I started to worry a little more. Is this still the normal bleeding that can come with an IVF cycle? Or is the little embryo not holding on anymore?

Thursday arrived and I had my beta blood draw. I was very nervous. My IP’s and I have been praying really hard that this next Beta shows a positive result. This Beta need to at least have doubled from the first one. If it’s decreased from the first one, that means the baby didn’t stick. 

Several hours later the results are in.  It *more* than doubled!!!  The new number is 589!  We are all so very happy!  We had nothing to worry about after all. 

My next Beta is scheduled for September 6.  I can’t wait to see how much it’s increased by then!

EDITED TO ADD:  Final Beta 2209!!!  Ultrasound next week!

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